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Studies and political insiders have shown that calling your representatives has a much bigger impact than signing petitions or sending emails. Unfortunately, contacting Congress has become a daunting task. It takes several tries, lines are often busy, and calling regarding multiple issues requires separate calls. Let’s be real, who has the time to be calling daily and multiple times regarding every single issue we care about?

Civi does.

It's our responsibility to be involved, to be active, to participate and raise our voice. Most importantly, it's our RIGHT as American constituents.

Civic Action Network allows you to actively participate in our democracy without disrupting your day to day life. Civi is not a computer. Civi is a real person ready to call on your behalf. Your own personal assistant and direct line to Congress.

All you need to do is take a look at our CAN library to let Civi know your stance on a particular or multiple issues, Civi will restlessly call on your behalf, compile a report, and email you back when your message has been delivered.

No more excuses. No more time restrictions.

Welcome to modern day Civic Involvement.

Welcome to Civic Action Network.

Because you CAN

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