Frequent Asked Questions


Q: What is Civic Action Network?

A: Civic Action Network is a non-partisan civic engagement tool that summarizes Congress legislation and simplifies the process of calling Congress.  


Q: Which party do you represent?

A: None. Civic Action Network is non-partisan. We summarize legislation giving you equal reasons to favor or oppose a bill. You decide what message is delivered.


Q: Do you drive an agenda?

A: No, Civic Action Network is non-partisan and does not have a political agenda.


Q: What does call on my behalf means?

A:  When you answer our Citizen Bill Survey emails or answer a bill in our CAN Library, Civi picks up the phone and calls your Representatives until the phone call is picked up and your message is delivered.


Q: Who is Civi?

A: Think of Civi as your very own congressional staff. Civi is your full time personal assistant calling on your behalf to deliver your message.


Q: What does Civi do?

A: Civi calls Congress on your behalf. After you submit your stance on an issue via our Citizen Bill Survey emails or via our CAN Library, Civi will pick up the phone and call your Representatives and deliver your message.


Q: What are Citizen Bill Survey emails?

A: Citizen Bill Surveys are easy to read bill summaries. These are sent 3 times a week to your email containing the latest trending bill. Here, you get vote your stance on the bill and add your own personal message.


Q: What is the CAN Library?

A: The CAN Library is where we store all of the active legislation that we have summarized for you. Here, you get vote your stance on the bill and add your own personal message.


Q: How many times does Civi call my Representatives?

A: For a single issue, Civi will call your Representative, and keep calling until your Representative’s office picks up and Civi delivers your message regardless of how many attempts this takes.


Q: How do I sign up?

A: You can sign up on our website. This will give you access to vote on both the CAN Library and our Citizen Bill Surveys. When you sign up, you will receive 5 free calls, allowing us to start calling on your behalf.


Q: I have used all my free calls, now what?

A: You can upgrade on our website to any of our membership plans. Each plan gives you a certain number of successfully delivered calls per month. Plans are as follows: 
6 calls for $4.99 a month;
13 calls for $9.99 a month;
21 calls for $14.99 a month.


Q: Do I have to pay to call my representatives myself?

A: No, there is absolutely no cost if you call your representatives yourself. Civic Action Network calling service is meant to increase and support your civic engagement by delivering calls on your behalf.


Q: What if it takes a lot of attempts to reach my Representative?

A: Even if it takes Civi 1 or 100 attempts to reach your Representative, it will always count as 1 delivered call.


Q: What if you just can’t deliver my message?

A: If we cannot deliver your message, we will not count it as a delivered call, regardless of how many attempts we tried.


Q: Who picks up when someone calls a Representative?

A: Chances are a staff member from your Representative's office will pick up the phone. They do an amazing job picking up the phones and keeping track of the calls that tell your Representative how his or her constituents feel regarding multiple issues.


Q: What happens when Civi calls on my behalf on a particular bill?

A: Civi has a conversation with the congressional staffer providing your zip code, full name, stance, and your personal message (if you provided one) about the particular bill that you voted on.


Q: Does Civi use a sample script or template when calling?

A: No. Civi only calls to deliver your stance on a bill (whether you favor or oppose it) and your personal message to your Representative. We do not provide a sample script for any issue.


Q: What happens if I have more questions.

A:  Feel free to contact Civi directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any question you may have, whether you are a member or not.