Civic Action Network is a constituent-funded organization. Our goal is to inform you, the best we can, impartially and without a political agenda. Our mission is to voice your opinions to Congress.

Luis Alejandro Vega
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Image of Luis Alejandro Vega CEO of Civic Action Network

Alejandro Vega came up with Civic Action Network as a response to the country's political climate and a passion for scalable solutions to real world problems. Alejandro's engineering and entrepreneurial background allows him to lead the company's vision with one single vital goal; increasing civic engagement while giving a voice to all constituents in the United States.

Nicolas Matiz
Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Image of Nicolas Matiz COO of Civic Action Network

Nicolas Matiz oversees the company’s business, editorial, and logistical operations. As a believer of democracy and the constitution, Nicolas understands the importance of compromise and independent thought. His experience managing businesses along with his engineering background brings focus to making the process of contacting Congress-members an easy one for constituents.

Daniel Rodriguez
Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Image of Daniel Rodriguez CTO of Civic Action Network

Daniel Rodriguez leads the company's technology vision, implementation, and oversees all technical development on the platform. After spending more than 8 years in Software Development, working at both small and large fortune 500 companies, Daniel knows technology drives growth and change.

Catalina Laverde
Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Image of Catalina Laverde CMO of Civic Action Network

Catalina Laverde oversees marketing and sales strategy, handles social media presence, branding, customer and partners relations. As a software engineer herself and a big advocate for the hispanic communicate, Catalina strongly believes in the importance of bringing technology and community needs together in order to drive social impact.